Burn Permit

Planning on burning brush or other items in an open fire in the Township?

Prior to burning any items in an open fire, please be advised of the following:

-An approved Township Burn Permit is required prior to any burn.

-Construction materials, trash or other garbage are not permitted to be burnt, please review Michigan's  rules on materials that can be burnt.

-Small recreational fires (Less than 36" in diameter and height) are allowed without a Burn Permit.  (Note that the Village has separate rules and permit requirements for burning.  If you live inside the Village, please contact the Village office for details - 269-545-3647)

The purpose of the Burn Permit is to ensure that conditions are appropriate for burning and to give advance notice to the Fire Department. This helps to avoid a false fire call in case a neighbor reports the fire as an emergency.


Should you burn without obtaining an approved Burn Permit and a emergency call is placed, you may be subjected to a fine of $250 for a false emergency fire call.   

There is no charge for a Burn Permit.  You may obtain a permit by contacting the Fire Department or filling out the form on this page.  Please be sure to include all details of your planned burn: Name, Address, Phone Number, Date of Burn, Time of planned Burn, etc. 

Please plan in advance and give 48 hours notice before your planned burn.  You must receive a confirmation and approval acknowledgement from the Fire Department before proceeding with the burn.

Please be smart and safe as you proceed with your burn so that you do not put yourself, your family or others at risk!

Galien Township Fire Department

Non-emergency 269-545-8370

Emergencies - Call 911

Fire Chief - Ted Chase