New - Building Permit now available online!

Click here to access building codes and permits page.

Looking to Rent the Village Park (behind the American Legion)?

Since the Park is owned and operated by the Village of Galien and not the Township, please contact the Village office to arrange rental.

Notice Regarding Cemetery Summer Decorations

Please remove all Summer decorations from the Cemetery by October 17, 2020. Any decorations remaining past that date may be removed by the Cemetery Committee.  A Cemetery cleanup will take place on October 24, 2020.

Summer Property Tax Bills

Summer property tax bills have been mailed. Please click here for more information, including setting up a payment plan for your taxes to avoid foreclosure.

2020 Federal Census
The 2020 Census is being mailed to residents by the federal government.  Please be sure to complete your Census and be counted.  By responding to the Census, you assist your local community in receiving its fair share of funds for schools, roads and other public services, among other items.  For more information, visit the 2020 Census website.

An update on Absentee Ballots

Michigan is now a "No Reason Absentee Ballot" State and anyone can be added to the Permanent Absentee Voter list without providing a reason. If you would like to be added to the Permanent Absentee Voter List, please contact the Township Clerk at 269-545-8143 or


Please see the Recycling page for an update on our Township and Village recycling program.

Medical and Recreational/Adult Use Marihuana Information

Interested in the current status of Commercial Medical Marihuana and Recreational Marihuana facilities for Galien Township?  Please see our Medical Marihuana and Recreational Marihuana webpages for information on these matters.


There is now an after-hours dropbox at the Township Office, located on the exterior of the building for your convenience.  Mail to the Township can be deposited in it when the office is closed.

Galien Blessing Box

Located at Township Office.  Take a blessing when you need one, leave one when you can.  Give a little, take a little.  Items in this Box are FREE to anyone in need.  (Please see the posted Blessing Box guidelines on the cabinet)

Cemetery Map Verification Assistance Needed

Want to help with an important project for our community?  The Cemetery Committee needs volunteers to help verify burial information on our maps.  Contact the Township Clerk for details.

Cemetery Information Needed!!!!

The Township has undertaken a major project of reviewing and computerizing its Cemetery records.  This is being done in an effort to improve and preserve the records for future generations. 

As part of this project, we are looking for copies of Cemetery Deeds issued from October 1986 thru December 1997.


If you have a Cemetery Deed issued in this time frame, we would like to get a copy of it so that our records can be updated.


Please contact the Township Office at (269) 545-8143 or email the Township Clerk to make arrangements to provide copies.  We appreciate your assistance with this project!!!

Email Distribution List

We are starting a community mass email distribution list to communicate important Township information. If you wish to be added to this list, please provide your email here or by contacting the office.

Notary Services Offered

The Township is now offering complimentary notary services during office hours listed on calendar or by special appointment.  Contact the Township Clerk for details.

Firefighters Wanted!!!

Interested in helping your community?  The Galien Township Fire Department is currently accepting applications for paid, on-call firefighters.   If interested, please contact Fire Chief Ted Chase by leaving a message with the Fire Department at 269-545-8370.

Township Meeting Schedule

 Galien Township calendar of upcoming regular meetings, special meetings and office hours listed below (click or tap on meeting to see more details)

Notice - Due to current state restrictions, all Township meetings of more than 10 individuals will be held outside the fire bay.  Meeting attendees should bring their own lawn chair for seating purposes and dress for the weather. Please practice all social distancing and other CDC recommendations.


Click here for Public Hearing Policy for Comments


For annual regular meeting schedule in a printable format - 2020

Individuals with disabilities or the need for auxiliary aids should contact the Township Clerk at 269-545-8143, or send correspondence to the Galien Township Hall, P.O. Box 246, Galien, MI 49113, not less than five days before the meeting. 


All meetings will be held at the Township Office/Fire Station, 305 Kiley Drive, Galien, MI 49113, unless otherwise noted in the posting.

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