Galien Township Road Committee

List of road work proposed for 2020:

-Repave Cleveland (Primary) north of Village limit to Elm Valley

-Sealcoat Rickerman (Seconday) between U.S. 12 and Buffalo

-Sealcoat Pardee (Secondary) between Buffalo and Olive Branch

-Sealcoat Buffalo (Secondary) between Cleveland and Nye

***Your patience during these projects is greatly appreciated.  We recognize this is an inconvenience for those impacted, but this is necessary to improve our infrastructure***

List of road work completed in 2019:

-Chloride dust control on gravel roads 

List of road work completed in 2018:

-Reconstruction of Hampton Road (Primary) between U.S. 12 and Buffalo

-Reconstruction of Mt. Zion (Secondary) between U.S. 12 and Buffalo

-Sealcoat Second Street (Secondary) east of Gardner

-Reconstruction of Olive Branch (Secondary) between Andrews and Township Line

-Replacement of Nye Bridge over Dowling Creek

-Chloride dust control on gravel roads 

List of road work completed in 2017:

-Reconstruction of Olive Branch (Primary) between Cleveland and Nye

-Sealcoat Olive Branch (Secondary) between Cleveland and Andrews

-Sealcoat Cleveland (Primary) between State Line and Village limits

-Sealcoat Nye (Secondary) between State Line and Olive Branch

-Add gravel to Nye (Secondary) between U.S. 12 and Buffalo

-Chloride dust control on gravel roads. 

List of road work completed in 2016:

-Reconstruction of Pardee Road (Secondary) between Buffalo and Olive Branch

-Reconstruction of Pardee Road (Primary) between Second St. and Kruger

-Reconstruction of Buffalo Road (Secondary) between Cleveland and Nye. 

-Sealcoat Gardner (Secondary) between U.S 12 and Galien-Buchanan.

-Sealcoat Pardee (Secondary) between U.S 12 and Second St.

-Replacement of bridge deck on Olive Branch at Bertrand Twp line.

-Chloride dust control on gravel roads 

List of road work completed in 2015:

-Reconstruction of Rickerman (Secondary) between U.S. 12 and Buffalo.

-Chloride dust control on gravel roads 

Pictured above - Rickerman Road on Fall Day after Reconstruction

For more information on status of projects and other projects throughout the County, visit the Berrien County Road Department website

Click here to view Road Committee Meeting Minutes

More about The Galien Township Road Committee:

The mission of the Galien Township Road Advisory Committee is to work in concert with the Berrien County Road Department to seek continuous improvement to our Township road system, as effectively as possible, to enhance the lives of our residents.

The Committee was formed in September 2015 and meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM at the Township Offices.  Four individuals currently serve on this Committee on a voluntary basis:

Mr. Gerald Mast, CPA - Chairperson

Mr. Bruce Williams - Township Board Liaison

Mr. Jim Trapp - Community Representative

Mrs. Leann Carpenter - Community Representative

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