Galien Woods Historical Society

To Open The Door to the Past, Come, Join the Galien Woods Historical Society!

Galien Veteran Service Records Wanted

We are still trying to locate and gather the service records of any service men from the Galien area from the time of the Korean war to the present to make our Veterans Record books complete.  If you haven't already done so, or know of others who haven't, we would appreciate receiving your service information.  We are also still looking for old pictures and stories of the Galien area that you are willing to share.  We can copy any that you don't wish to donate.  Please contact Elmer Doyle at 269-545-8871 to make arrangements.

The Galien Woods Historical Society was organized in 1982 to promote interest in collecting, preserving, and maintaining the history of Galien and surrounding area known as "The Galien Woods".


The Historical Society also maintains the school records dating back to the original log cabin school located southwest of Garwood Lake and the subsequent schools built as Wilson school near Mt. Zion Road and the first Village school located on the site of the current library and the last school on Southeastern Avenue that closed in 2004.


The Historical Society meets monthly during the months of March through October on the last Thursday of each month at 7:00PM at the Historical Society Building, at 108 Grant Street, 

Galien, MI 49113.  

Quarterly newsletters are published and mailed to individuals that have signed up for a membership.  The Historical Society is supported by donations of its members.  Membership in the Society is $15 per year for an individual or $20 for a household.  Click here for a Membership Form.

The Board Members of the Historical Society are:

Mr. Elmer Doyle, President, 269-545-8871

Mrs. Dorothy Palen, Vice President

Mrs. Joan Kuntz, Secretary

Mr. Gerald Mast, CPA, Treasurer

Mr. Richard Kuntz, Maintenance 

The photo featured on this page is the historic 1879 Galien jail that was acquired by the Historical Society and restored in 2009.

Galien Woods Historical Society Upcoming Events:

Regular monthly Historical Society meetings are held on the last Thursday of each of month, March through October each year, at the Historical Society's Location, 108 Grant Street, unless otherwise noted.  See calendar below list of meetings (scroll forward to see future monthly events and click on event for more details on the event.)

1879 Galien jail restored in 2009