Notice - the provider of our monthly recycling bin has suspended service at this time. Therefore, there will be no monthly recycling bins until further notice. The service provider, Southeast Berrien County Landfill Authority, has indicated that they are at full capacity and have no room for additional recycling.

See Berrien County Parks Recycling Website for other recycling events throughout the County for various items not collected at our container.

The Township and the Village encourage its residents to go "green" by reducing, reusing and recycling. A recycling container is provided monthly; it arrives on the third Saturday of each month and remains through Sunday. The container is located at the former site of the grocery store, on Cleveland Ave. across from the Post Office. Please be sure to utilize this benefit provided by the Township and the Village.

Items Accepted

- Corrugated cardboard

- Newspaper

- Glass bottles and jars

- Metal cans

- Plastic bottles and jugs

Please be sure to rinse all glass, plastic and metal items before depositing.

Absolutely no trash or clothing shall be deposited in the container.